High School Team Camp at Lander University

Description: Pre-season fitness soccer specific, attacking, defending, possession, counter attacking, or a balanced session plan. Players will get take home information about college recruitment process, NCAA eligibility process, different levels of college soccer, email tips etc. Exposure to college coach for potential recruiting. Coaching education. All sessions plans given to coach for future references including key coaching points, progressions and outcomes. Modern concepts such as movement preps, better preparing the body before a session and better recovery methods after a session. Open Q&A. Summary from college coach on strengths and weaknesses of players for future reference and to help with future team performance.


  • High School coach eats and lives for free
  • Live in college dorm and eat all meals in university cafeteria. 
  • Guided campus tour of University and facilities
  • Tactical seminar based around teams choice of formation 
  • One session in the weight room for exposure to college level weights program
  • Train on our stadium field. Part of a $16m complex opened in 2010. State of the art facilities.
High School Teams - 12 players minimum
Various pricing options available based on duration and whether residential or commuting
Length of Camp
Various options available based on team’s needs
Lander University
Please contact Coach Lee Squires at lsquires@lander.edu to set-up the High School Team Camp for your team.
What to Bring
  • Soccer training gear for number of training sessions provided (t-shirts, shorts, socks, waterproof jacket)
  • Soccer cleats and shin guards for all sessions
  • Water bottle (hydration provided at field, but useful to have own)
  • Tennis shoes if required to go indoors
  • Bed sheets, blankets, pillow
  • Phone charger
  • Towel and toiletries
  • Flip flops
  • General clothing for between training sessions
  • Swim shorts/swim towel
  • Sunscreen etc




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